GAPMMI - Gabungan Pengusaha Makanan dan Minuman Seluruh Indonesia
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GAPMMI – the Indonesian Food and Beverage Association is an industry association covering the food and beverage manufacturing industry, from small to big scale company. It is part of GAPMMI’s mission in guiding, advising and assisting our members to produce high quality and safe food and beverage products through hygienic production process. One of the measures is to have an acceptable standard of good manufacturing practice for cleanliness and sanitation. Food and beverage industry has always been the most important and contributive sector in Indonesia. In 2015, food and beverage industry grew 7.54%, and contributed around 31% to GDP non-oil industry sector. Food and beverage industry also contribute to exports,USD 5.5 billion (till November 2015) and absorb about 4 million workers.

Through EXPO CLEAN 2017, GAPMMI members is encouraged to learn more about new and modern technology to ensure the hygiene and safety of manufacturing process. This will equip us to garner more knowledge and to keep us updated with the current innovation.

On behalf of GAPMMI, I extend our support to EXPO CLEAN 2017. We are excited with the possibilities and opportunities we may find in the coming three days. We hope our members will benefit from this event as well.

Congratulations to the organizer PT Media Artha Sentosa for a well-thought initiative and all the best to all exhibiting companies.

Thank you.
Best Wishes,

Adhi S. Lukman

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